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Executable Packing

Packers are programs that pack executable samples. They can be categorized in different types including compression, encryption, obfuscation, virtualization and anti-reversing techniques.


A dedicated tool called packer is provided with the Packing Box to pack samples. It is especially useful for mass-packing as either a single sample or a folder of samples can be specified as input, as its help message tells.

$ packer --help
This tool simply packs (using Packer.pack) with the selected packer an input executable or folder of executables.
usage: packer [-p PREFIX] [-h] [--help] [-v] packer executable

positional arguments:
  packer      selected packer
  executable  executable or folder containing executables

  -p PREFIX, --prefix PREFIX
                        string to be prepended to the filename (default: None)

From the optional arguments, we see that it allows to specify a prefix while saving packed samples. This may be useful for avoiding sample name clashes when different packers need to be applied to a same set of not-packed samples so that they get merged into a big dataset afterwards.

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