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The Detector class allows to abstract detection tools, based on the Base class and adding a special detection method called detect.

>>> from pbox import Detector

Detector Class

This class is the base for abstracted tools loaded from the detectors.yml description file. It holds the registry of all the loaded child classes.

>>> Detector.registry
[<pbox.items.detector.Bintropy object at 0x7f30e37f37f0>, [...]

Special methods:

  • check(formats): for checking if the detector applies for the input executable formats
  • detect(executable_or_folder_or_dataset): for detecting the packer used on an input executable, folder of executables or Dataset structure
  • test(executable_or_folder_or_dataset): for testing the detector(s) on an input executable, folder of executables or Dataset structure

Using as a class or an instance

The behavior of the detection method is different depending on the object it is called from. If calling it from:

  • The Detector class: all the available detectors in Detector.registry with the attribute vote=True are used and the label is determined based on a decision heuristic.
  • A Detector instance: the particular detector (e.g. DIE) inheriting Detector is used.

Multiple valid input types

These functions are decorated with a special function that allows to input either a single executable, a folder of executables or a dataset containing a "files" folder with executables.

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